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Great Panini Photo

I had a panini for dinner tonight. It looks good in a photo. Enjoy, and drool:

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Lobster Supper

They’re selling live lobster for $4.88 a pound right now so last night we ate some. Lobster, grocery-store sushi, and guacamole – maybe not the most traditional menu but really good.

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Lazy Leftover Morning Burritos

We have some leftovers, and I turned some leftovers, plus an egg into a morning burrito. We still have a ton of the filling from my Chipotle Sloppy Joes the other day, (now simply referred to as “fire” because it’s gaining heat as it ages), and some chopped cilantro, some tortillas, (“whole wheat” – according […]

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Almost No Meat Chipotle Sloppy Joes

Our fridge has been filling up with leftovers from other meals, a bit of tomato sauce, some rice cooked with chicken drippings, sliced tomato, chopped shallots, and chicken breast trimmings. Since we had chicken burgers the other day, we had some of what the grocery store calls “whole wheat” hamburger buns. With all of this, […]

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Chickpea, Pork, and Mango Tagine

After reading Mark Bittman’s Minimalist column An Expedited Tagine the other day, I thought I would try it myself. The New York Times was kind enough to provide his recipe for Chickpea Tagine with Chicken and Apricots, and I adapted it for myself. I had been going to use a piece of pork that was […]

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Business Meetings that Matter

I spent yesterday in an all-day meeting/conference type of thing at a corporate office downtown. The invitation said that there would be a light lunch served, so I didn’t bring any food or anything and tried to eat like food matters using what was served. It was surprisingly easy, except for one thing. The easy […]

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Photos of the Amazing Pasta

I while ago I posted that we had made an amazing pasta with squid rings, fresh basil, and more. We’ve made it twice since, the second time we made it it wasn’t so amazing, we kind of messed things up, however, last week we made it again and it was even better than the first […]

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Cheezy, Lazy, Lasagna

I made lazy some lasagna yesterday for the people in the house that eat cheese, (that would be everyone except me). I just layered lasagna noodles, (“fresh” ones that had been in the fridge for a while), with pasta sauce, and threw in a layer of cheese in the middle and another layer on the […]

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Dark Granola

Joanie has been looking for some sort of granola to put on her yoghurt in the mornings. I guess she was putting something else on there before, (some sort of granola-ish thing, but I’m not sure what), and she’s found that she doesn’t stay full as long now that she doesn’t have whatever she was […]

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Rapini Pasta

Last Thursday I wrote about our first experience eating rapini. I liked it, Joanie didn’t like it so much. We still had some rapini left over in the bottom of our fridge that wasn’t rotten yet and needed to be eaten, and today was the day. I had been thinking about putting it into a […]

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    For Christmas I received the book Food Matters, which I found very interesting and inspired me to start changing. Check out my first post for the beginning of the story.