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Home-Made Croutons

On Tuesday we had a chicken caesar salad for dinner, a really huge one. It was very refreshing, and I want to talk about the croutons. We made our own croutons. I had never done this before and didn’t really know how to go about it, but they turned out great. We even used the […]

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Breakfast Burritos

Ever since I visited California last june and had the best breakfast burrito ever, (sooo much better than McDonalds), I’ve enjoyed making them at home. Now, they’re not the exact same as I had down south, but that’s half the fun. Since we had fajitas last night, we had leftover fajita veggies and tortillas, (sold […]

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The Most Amazing Quinoa Salad

Yesterday Joanie made the most amazing quinoa salad ever. I’m not talking about a green salad with lots of leaves and stuff. This salad was a lot more like a bean salad, but instead of using beans as its main ingredient it used quinoa. We don’t have an exact recipe for the salad, it was […]

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So we made this Amazing Pasta

Last night we made an amazing pasta for dinner. It’s a recipe for Pasta with Squid Rings, (yes, I know they could have named it better – they were trying to incorporate the word “rings” because of the Olympics), that I saw in the Globe and Mail about a week ago and I’ve been thinking […]

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Ate a bunch of Animal Products

Today we had a mini celebration and went to our favourite little diner for brunch, which means I ate a bunch of animal products, (sausage & mushroom omelette), and the best hash browns ever. However, I think that’s the first animal product I’ve eaten since the weekend, and with today being Thursday, my average animal […]

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Vegetable Lasagna

Last week I mentioned that we had seen some dairy-free, meat-free lasagna on the Dr. Oz show that I wanted to try. We finally got around to making it yesterday and it’s pretty good. We discovered that it’s a lot of work, a lot more work than normal lasagna, and there are a couple of […]

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Super-Good Pizza

When I posted the weekly roundup earlier I mentioned some amazing Pizza that we’ve been eating this week. It’s really good, and really simple. Since we’re lazy, we haven’t made any pizza dough, we just bought whole-wheat pitas and used them as the crust. Once we had the pita, we added tomato sauce and pesto, […]

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Chicken Not Pie Redux

Almost exactly a month ago the first dinner we ate from the book Food Matters was the Chicken Not Pie, (Chicken Pot Pie without the crust), recipe. At the time I thought it was too pea-ish, but promised to try it again. Today is that day. I made a Chicken Not Pie. I cooked the […]

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Meaty Dinner

The great thing about the Food Matters style of eating is that while reducing my meat intake and increasing my plant intake, it’s still totally OK to have a meaty meal once in a while. With that in mind, and a little laziness, last night I cooked a tourtière that’s been in our freezer for […]

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Lunch Time!

Joanie made lunch today. We don’t have a lot of food ready to eat right now except for the purple soup that I mentioned yesterday, so she chopped up a bunch of vegetables and mixed them with some leftover chick peas from making hummus. I added some leftover vinaigrette, (based on the Thai Beef Salad […]

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