A New Year, a New Week, a New Perception of Food

It’s the first Monday of the new year.  A year full of promise and change.

A ten days ago, for Christmas, my Fiancee gave me Mark Bittman’s book Food Matters.  I haven’t read it yet, but she has, and from what she has shared with me I’m really going to enjoy reading it, we’re going to enjoy applying the principles it holds to our life.  That’s what this blog is about, eating like Food Matters.

Let me introduce myself.  I am John.  I trained as a classical ballet dancer, but about two and a half years ago I stopped dancing and made a career out of what had  previously been only a hobby: web development.  Now I am a partner in three different web startups and spend my entire day in front of a computer and rarely move.  I never learned to eat like someone who isn’t active all day long, so I have gained some weight.  My jeans used to have a thirty-two inch waist.  I measured my waist today and it is 42.3 inches.  That is my starting point on this journey.  Time to read the book.

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  • What is Choices That Matter?

    I'm a guy named John, and I do most of the writing around here. I went from a really active lifestyle to a really inactive lifestyle very quickly and my body is noticing. On top of that I'm worried about what's happening to our planet, so, I'm trying to do something about it.

    For Christmas I received the book Food Matters, which I found very interesting and inspired me to start changing. Check out my first post for the beginning of the story.