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Lazy Leftover Morning Burritos

We have some leftovers, and I turned some leftovers, plus an egg into a morning burrito. We still have a ton of the filling from my Chipotle Sloppy Joes the other day, (now simply referred to as “fire” because it’s gaining heat as it ages), and some chopped cilantro, some tortillas, (“whole wheat” – according […]

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Dark Granola

Joanie has been looking for some sort of granola to put on her yoghurt in the mornings. I guess she was putting something else on there before, (some sort of granola-ish thing, but I’m not sure what), and she’s found that she doesn’t stay full as long now that she doesn’t have whatever she was […]

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Breakfast Burritos

Ever since I visited California last june and had the best breakfast burrito ever, (sooo much better than McDonalds), I’ve enjoyed making them at home. Now, they’re not the exact same as I had down south, but that’s half the fun. Since we had fajitas last night, we had leftover fajita veggies and tortillas, (sold […]

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I need to reboot my system

So, I’m sitting here eating my, (admittedly late), breakfast of French Toast. It’s made with store-bought whole-wheat bread, which means that it’s pretty much white bread in a different bag. Speaking fo bags, it comes in a bag within a bag, but that’s another whole post. Back to the breakfast, it’s definitely not a Food […]

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Ate a bunch of Animal Products

Today we had a mini celebration and went to our favourite little diner for brunch, which means I ate a bunch of animal products, (sausage & mushroom omelette), and the best hash browns ever. However, I think that’s the first animal product I’ve eaten since the weekend, and with today being Thursday, my average animal […]

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So far I’ve mostly written about dinners, so I’m going to mention my breakfast today. First, it was good. It was oatmeal. I filled my oatmeal with dried blueberries, dried currants, and walnuts before I cooked it, then I cooked it in the microwave, then added a banana and some soy milk. I really enjoyed […]

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  • What is Choices That Matter?

    I'm a guy named John, and I do most of the writing around here. I went from a really active lifestyle to a really inactive lifestyle very quickly and my body is noticing. On top of that I'm worried about what's happening to our planet, so, I'm trying to do something about it.

    For Christmas I received the book Food Matters, which I found very interesting and inspired me to start changing. Check out my first post for the beginning of the story.