Week Sixteen Roundup

Here we are at the end of week sixteen. Starting with the numbers, my waist is down to 40 3/4 inches this week, that’s down 3/4 of an inch from last week, which is pretty awesome. It’s looking like I might break into the 30s soon, (in more ways that one…).

On the budgetary side we spent $114.63 on food this week. This is one of the lowest weeks we’ve had in quite some time, and there is some beer & wine included in that number, although part of me thinks there’s a Costco receipt missing, and that would put our numbers closer to $200. Other than the possibly missing Costco receipt, one of the reasons that I think we’ve spent less this week is because Joanie has bee super busy so we haven’t been spending as much time in grocery stores, (we kind of like to haunt them under normal circumstances). Less time in stores = less money spent at stores, (not really rocket science, I know).

Last night I tried making a pasta using a different method that I dug up in an older, (well, from December), New York Times – cooking Pasta by constantly stirring and adding stock, instead of the traditional way of dunking it in a bunch of boiling water. I made a 3-mushroom & chicken pasta using stock that was in the fridge and based on this recipe. It was not a resounding success. When the pasta was about ready I had just around a cup and a half of stock left and figured that I could put it in without hurting anything, thus saving the space in my fridge. Big mistake. We ended up eating more of a three-mushroom and chicken blob, which tasted really good, but did not have the best texture in the world. All of the flavour of the stock, though, is great, and I’m going to try this again sometime but with self-control.

Also yesterday I got a new, (to me), bike. My old bike’s chain slipped and the bike was kind of small, so I’m not the proud owner of a Peugeot Super Sport road bike, aged I’m not sure how many years, but several. It rides much better than the old bike and I am excited to use the metro less and less. Last summer I didn’t go into the metro for a couple of months. Hopefully I can pull off the same thing this summer. The bike will get its first major road trial today.

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