Lessons Learned at Work

I often work from home, (yes, I know that I’m pretty lucky to do that), but sometimes I go out the office to work, and yesterday was one of those days. Actually, yesterday was the first day that I had to actually go in to the office since I started eating like food matters. Luckily, I had read most of the book before I left home yesterday morning, so I knew to bring a hearty lunch, (I work at a very small web startup, we don’t have unlimited sushi, cappuccino, or anything like that. Hopefully it will arrive sometime), and some snacks. I brought some cashews and a bunch of carrots from the container in the fridge for snacks, and a thermos of very, very thick soup for lunch. The soup was actually more like soup-flavoured porridge – I put way too much barley in the beef-barley soup.

Generally, things went well, but I learned one big lesson: Make sure that you have a variety in the kinds of snacks you bring to work. My cashews were no problem, but I probably had almost two pounds of carrots with me and ate them all in the afternoon. Apparently I’m not made to eat that much carrot at once. There must have been a lot of cellulose in my stomach, because it was not a comfortable late afternoon and early evening. Once I got things digested, though, I was much more comfortable and am proud to have eaten like food matters at work.

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