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Week 37 Roundup

Thirty seven weeks in. Married. Honeymoon over, (at least technically), and back at work. What happens? BAM! I lose 3/4 of an inch – down to 40 1/4 inches. It’s amazing what happens when my diet isn’t doughnuts, fish & chips, and other restaurant food. We made a great no-meat chili this week, tried an […]

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Ate a bunch of Animal Products

Today we had a mini celebration and went to our favourite little diner for brunch, which means I ate a bunch of animal products, (sausage & mushroom omelette), and the best hash browns ever. However, I think that’s the first animal product I’ve eaten since the weekend, and with today being Thursday, my average animal […]

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Today we had Mark’s Bean and Vegetable Chili, (page 260). While I have had vegetarian chili before, today was the first day that we, (well, Joanie), actually made vegetarian chili. We didn’t have actual chilis to put in, so we used chili powder, and it came out pretty well. As a bonus, we now know […]

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  • What is Choices That Matter?

    I'm a guy named John, and I do most of the writing around here. I went from a really active lifestyle to a really inactive lifestyle very quickly and my body is noticing. On top of that I'm worried about what's happening to our planet, so, I'm trying to do something about it.

    For Christmas I received the book Food Matters, which I found very interesting and inspired me to start changing. Check out my first post for the beginning of the story.