Weeks 50 and 51

We’re coming up on a full year here. On December 24th I was at 38 1/4 inches of big waist size, then came the Christmas gluttony and on the 27th I was at 38 1/2. That’s not so bad considering what I ate. We’ll see how things are next week after some more feasting.

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Week 49 Roundup

Here are the goods: I’m down to 38 1/2 inches, which is a whole half-inch drop from last week. I’ve really been eating much fewer animal products over the past few months and more vegetables and whole grains. It seems to be working. Also, since the weather’s turned to winter I haven’t even been doing that much physical activity. I’m not biking anywhere, and it seems that someone else is even shovelling the snow on our apartment steps, so I’m not even doing that! Really, eating more plants seems to be working for me.

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Progress to Week 48

Fourty-eight weeks in and things are still going well – even though I rarely write here. As of this morning my non-sucked-in waist size is down to 39 inches even. It seems to be going down slowly and steadily. Now that winter’s here, we’ll have to see how I’m able to keep up with eating fewer animal products – it could be tricky, but I was able to last January.

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Progress to Week 45

I’ve been pretty forgetful with the measure-ins, but I finally remembered to measure myself this morning and am down another 1/2 inch, which is pretty nice. This brings my current size down to 39 1/4 inches.

So, about budgeting, since we got married we haven’t really been keeping track of how much we spend on food. It’s made even harder because we’ve stopped making garbage so are doing a lot of our shopping at farmers markets, which often don’t give receipts.

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Progress to Week 43

Wow, it’s been a month since I posted anything. Here I thought I had only missed a week or two. Things are going well, and I’m back down to a 39 3/4 inch waist measurement, which interestingly enough seems to make me fit pants that have a 34 or 36 inch waist, maybe because I’m making an effort to not be sucking in when I take my measurements.

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Week 39 Roundup

How’s it been this week? Good, but I’m not any smaller. This week we’ve been working a lot in the kitchen and eating a lot of soup and breakfasts with eggs & potatoes. The soups are good, but all that potato, plus the white buns I’ve been eating with the soup, plus all of the eggs, have probably contributed to a 1/4 inch gain this week, bringing me to 40 1/4 inches around the waist.

That’s it for the week. So long for now.

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Week 38 Roundup

Photo of our soups & stock.

2 Soups plus Extra Stock

What happened this week? We were really good. We ate almost all home-cooked food, most of it fairly healthy and made with real food. I’m down another 1/4 inch to 40 inches around the waist, and although again I don’t know how much was spent on food, it wasn’t too much at all since we basically ate Chili and Soup all week.

On Saturday we got our food ready for the coming week too. We made 2 kinds of soup, (Leek & Potato and Spaghetti Squash & Mushroom), and have a bunch of stock left over as well. We’re ready for a great week!

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Week 37 Roundup

Thirty seven weeks in. Married. Honeymoon over, (at least technically), and back at work. What happens? BAM! I lose 3/4 of an inch – down to 40 1/4 inches. It’s amazing what happens when my diet isn’t doughnuts, fish & chips, and other restaurant food.

We made a great no-meat chili this week, tried an interesting pasta, (mine didn’t turn out as nice as the photo), and have been eating some soup. It’s been great. I have no clue how much the week cost us in food, but I’m guessing less than $40.

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What a month. I got married, took a honeymoon, then took another trip to visit the family & friends that couldn’t make it to the wedding. So, for the last couple of weeks I have been eating a lot and sitting a lot. I visited a couple of the best doughnut shops in BC, and ate a ton of fish & chips, sushi, and Legendary Burgers. All in all it was a bit of a pig-out, but at least it wasn’t a pig-out in support of huge chain restaurants, (yeah, White Spot is pretty big, but it’s BC-only).

I have no clue how much money we spent on food while out there, but probably a lot. I did, however measure myself in August. On August 4th I was at 39 1/2 inches, and on August 9th I was at 39 1/4 inches. However this morning I was back up to 41 inches, which really didn’t surprise me at all. Time to get a bit more active again and stay away from refined foods & deep friers.

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Week 29 Roundup

What’s gone on this week? Some interesting stuff. We made whole wheat mushroom stuffed pasta, (come to think of it, we kind of ate a lot of pasta this week), and we spent the weekend in Ottawa, eating lots of really good food that doesn’t fit in what I’m supposed to be eating.

As for the waist size, it held steady at 40 inches this week, maybe because of all the food I ate over the weekend. We still haven’t got our record keeping sorted out for the food bills, but we’re getting close and I’m hoping that the weekly budget can return next week.

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