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Great Panini Photo

I had a panini for dinner tonight. It looks good in a photo. Enjoy, and drool:

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Cheezy, Lazy, Lasagna

I made lazy some lasagna yesterday for the people in the house that eat cheese, (that would be everyone except me). I just layered lasagna noodles, (“fresh” ones that had been in the fridge for a while), with pasta sauce, and threw in a layer of cheese in the middle and another layer on the […]

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So we made this Amazing Pasta

Last night we made an amazing pasta for dinner. It’s a recipe for Pasta with Squid Rings, (yes, I know they could have named it better – they were trying to incorporate the word “rings” because of the Olympics), that I saw in the Globe and Mail about a week ago and I’ve been thinking […]

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Vegetable Lasagna

Last week I mentioned that we had seen some dairy-free, meat-free lasagna on the Dr. Oz show that I wanted to try. We finally got around to making it yesterday and it’s pretty good. We discovered that it’s a lot of work, a lot more work than normal lasagna, and there are a couple of […]

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Super-Good Pizza

When I posted the weekly roundup earlier I mentioned some amazing Pizza that we’ve been eating this week. It’s really good, and really simple. Since we’re lazy, we haven’t made any pizza dough, we just bought whole-wheat pitas and used them as the crust. Once we had the pita, we added tomato sauce and pesto, […]

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Meaty Dinner

The great thing about the Food Matters style of eating is that while reducing my meat intake and increasing my plant intake, it’s still totally OK to have a meaty meal once in a while. With that in mind, and a little laziness, last night I cooked a tourtière that’s been in our freezer for […]

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Thai Beef Salad

After a day of leftovers yesterday, (I had chili for dinner), we were back trying one of Mark’s recipes today: Thai Beef Salad, (page 188), and wow, it’s good. The salad dressing is amazing. We didn’t have any red onion, like we’re supposed to put in the salad, so we minced just a bit of […]

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Fried Rice for Dinner? (And Cookies for Dessert)

Yes, tonight we ate Marks’s Impromptu Fried Rice, (page 208), for dinner, and not as a side dish. It was tasty. I’ve mostly eaten fried rice as a side dish when I get Chinese food, and even then I usually go for the noodles, so this was a change. It’s amazing how good fried rice […]

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Our First Dinner

I haven’t started reading the book yet, but we’re already trying to eat less meat and more veggies. Tonight, Joanie cooked the Chicken Not Pie recipe from the book, (page 266 if you want to see the recipe super-fast). As you can imagine, it’s kind of like Chicken Pot Pie, which I love, but not. […]

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