Early Challenges to Eating like Food Matters

I thought I would share some of the challenges that we have faced so far in trying to, as Mark says, “eat like food matters.” So far we’ve run into problems buying good meat, I anticipate problems getting good bread, and I’ve struggled with not feeling as full, or at least as satisfied, as I would like to.

When we were shopping for food Sunday evening we planned to make a spaghetti sauce and wanted a sausage or two to put into it to enhance the flavour of an otherwise vegetarian sauce. We started by looking at the pre-wrapped sausages at the supermarket, but after reading the ingredient list, (and it is a list, no “ground pork, pork casing” lists were visible), we didn’t find anything we wanted, so we bought two sausages from the meat counter thinking that they may be better, and if they weren’t then at least we could be ignorant because we hadn’t read the ingredients ahead of time. Well, it turns out that a list of ingredients is printed on the price tag after the butcher weighs out the sausage, and the sausages from behind the counter are no better than the ones from in front of the counter, (although this really shouldn’t be a surprise). So, we need to invest a little time in finding somewhere to get good sausage, and meat in general.

I haven’t really tried to buy bread yet that follows the Food Matters principles, but for the past few years we have been trying to get the best bread possible, which, looking for whole grains and high fiber, but not being as stringent in our guidelines as we are being now, and from my experience trying to buy sort-of whole grain bread I expect it’s going to be really tough to find truly whole-grain bread. I may end up making most of our bread myself, which could get interesting as I don’t make bread very often and it can be hard, at least in my experience, to make whole-grain breads rise well.

Personally, I have been struggling a bit with the feeling of not being as satisfied as I would like to be after I eat. I’m not saying I don’t eat enough, actually I’ve been eating a lot, but it’s a bit like Edward says in Twilight, “It doesn’t completely satiate the hunger,” (yes, I just put a Twilight quote into a blog entry about healthy eating). For example, this morning I ate a big plate of fried vegetables with some egg in it, (kind of like an omelette, but with the vegetable to egg ratio more like the rice to egg ratio is in fried rice), and I’m full, but at the same time I’m not full. I am hoping that this feeling will change as I adapt to eating more plants and adjust what I do eat and when I eat it so that my hunger is satisfied.

This afternoon we’re going to check in on a local health food store and see what they have in the way of well-raised meats, and maybe some fun grains. If we’re not able to find the meat that we want in stores, we may have to source it from a local farm. Luckily, there are several good farms in the Montreal area. The same goes for breads, there are a lot of different bakeries in Montreal, maybe I can find something good, and if that fails at least I am able to make bread, (and I think Mark has some bread recipes coming up in the book). Maybe a good multi-whole-grain bread with my fried veggies is exactly what I need.

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