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Fried Rice for Dinner? (And Cookies for Dessert)

Yes, tonight we ate Marks’s Impromptu Fried Rice, (page 208), for dinner, and not as a side dish. It was tasty. I’ve mostly eaten fried rice as a side dish when I get Chinese food, and even then I usually go for the noodles, so this was a change. It’s amazing how good fried rice […]

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  • What is Choices That Matter?

    I'm a guy named John, and I do most of the writing around here. I went from a really active lifestyle to a really inactive lifestyle very quickly and my body is noticing. On top of that I'm worried about what's happening to our planet, so, I'm trying to do something about it.

    For Christmas I received the book Food Matters, which I found very interesting and inspired me to start changing. Check out my first post for the beginning of the story.