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Weeks 24 to 28

It’s been a while, and kind of a lot has happened. Mostly, we’ve moved. We no longer have boarders, (we can eat mushrooms again!), and we live in a smaller apartment. The CSA baskets have started arriving, and I shut down my garden, (there’s no garden in the new apartment). I’ve become more active, riding […]

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Week Twenty-Three Roundup

It’s been a busy week of work & moving, so this is a quick one. The waist size is 40 1/2 inches – down 1/2 inch since last week so climbing up & down stairs moving stuff into the new place must be having some affect. As for the food budget, we spent $150.35 last […]

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Hairy Sourdough Starter

I’ve been trying to start some 100% rye sourdough starter for a while now, and things keep on going wrong. I’m using Gaarp’s Starting a Starter tutorial but using rye flour all of the time, and every time things shut down and go mouldy during the Day 3 step. Day 1 looks normal, not much […]

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The Saga of the Rye Bread

I’ve mentioned a few times before that I’m trying to make great 100% rye bread. After that one successful attempt things haven’t gone so well. I tried again to make a yeast-leavened rye. At the beginning the dough looked normal, or so I thought: It rose really well in the bowl, then I put it […]

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Week Twenty-Two Roundup

Twenty-two weeks in and how are things – well, my diet hasn’t improved much from Week Twenty-One. I’ve had a lot of doughnuts & coffee, which, while not meat, are not exactly healthy. So, the vital stats are: Waist size: 41 inches, Cash spent on food: $125.03. I made some pretty good hummus this week […]

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Week Twenty-One Roundup

For the first half of last week I was the most hardcore food matters eater ever. I ate so may veggies on Monday that I barely ate on Tuesday, then ate more vegetables & fruit salad on Wednesday & Thursday. Then I got into a really busy weekend, and ate at a pub on Friday, […]

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Great Panini Photo

I had a panini for dinner tonight. It looks good in a photo. Enjoy, and drool:

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End of the Heat Wave

I had mentioned that we were about to have a heat wave here in MontrĂ©al, and would be trying to avoid cooking, or any heat-generating activity, in the house. The heat wave came, and it was hot, but now we’re back to weather that includes low enough nighttime temperatures to cool off the house and […]

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Continuing (Mis)Adventures with Rye Bread & Rye Sourdough

About the bread. A while ago I was pumped about 100% rye breads. Today I am not so pumped. I tried making another loaf of yeast-leavened 100% rye and it turned out like this: I used bacon grease, and kind of too much of it, to grease the pan, so we refer to this loaf […]

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Week Twenty Roundup

Twenty weeks in my waist size is 40 1/2 inches and we spent $121.79 on food last week. I’ve been doing some thinking on the waist size and while it is going down, it is going down very slowly. Now, this may be the route to long-term, permanent weight loss, but more likely it means […]

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