Weeks 24 to 28

It’s been a while, and kind of a lot has happened. Mostly, we’ve moved. We no longer have boarders, (we can eat mushrooms again!), and we live in a smaller apartment. The CSA baskets have started arriving, and I shut down my garden, (there’s no garden in the new apartment). I’ve become more active, riding my bike around, and we’re trying to buy much, much, less packaging.

Our move took us from a 7 1/2, (3 or 4 bedroom, depending on how you look at it), to a 4 1/2, (1 or 2 bedroom, again depending on perspective), apartment. We don’t have a garden, but we do have two balconies. We have the biggest kitchen that we’ve ever had, and are loving it. The office isn’t in the laundry room. So far we’re happy here, and so is our cat.

Since we’re now in a 1 bedroom apartment, we no longer have boarders living with us. This means that we’re much more free to try random and strange foods without worrying about them not liking it and going hungry. We love mushrooms, but someone else didn’t, so we’ve been going a bit crazy with the mushrooms over the last couple of weeks. We also got some Kale in our CSA basket last week and are trying to figure out what to do with it.

The CSA baskets have brought us an abundance of early season veggies. We’ve had various kinds of salad, some root vegetables, dill, cilantro, bok choy, and more. We’re working on eating them all. A vegetable soup helped us clean up some odds & ends this weekend, and I’m interested to see what we get this week.

Our new mission to buy less packaging is going well. There have been some interesting hurdles, and it looks like it’ll be quite a ride. It has meant that I am not being tempted by convenience foods, so I can’t complain about that. There’s going to be an announcement about our no garbage mission soon.

Finally, I have become more active. Joanie is working in a part of town about 5 kilometres away and we’ve started riding our bikes up there. I often go up there twice a day, (when she goes and later when she’s done work), so I’m actually getting some real exercise in. There’s even a tough hill at the end of the ride there. This brings us to my waist size, I’m down to 40 inches – the smallest this year! On the budgetary front it’s been tough to calculate. We’ve been shopping more at farmers markets where you don’t really get receipts, so budget updates are on hold until we get some sort of record-keeping figured out.

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