Continuing (Mis)Adventures with Rye Bread & Rye Sourdough

About the bread. A while ago I was pumped about 100% rye breads. Today I am not so pumped. I tried making another loaf of yeast-leavened 100% rye and it turned out like this:

Yeast-Unleavened Rye

I used bacon grease, and kind of too much of it, to grease the pan, so we refer to this loaf as “the cracker that smells like bacon.” Not exactly a success.

I had also read that the best way to make rye bread is to make sourdough rye, so I started making myself a 100% rye sourdough starter. Instead of becoming great sourdough starter it became great mould. So I tried again, and this is that it looks like:

Mouldy 100% rye sourdough unstarter.

Also mouldy, so I’m 2 for 2 growing mould, and 0 for 2 growing a great yeasty starter. I’m not going to let this stop me – I want sourdough – but with the crazy heat this week it’s too hot to either grow sourdough or use the oven so bread-making is on hold for a week or so.

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