Week Fifteen Roundup

Wow, fifteen weeks. Time is chugging along. This week’s numbers: Waist size is 41 1/2 inches, that’s up an inch from last week, something that I’m going to blame on beer gas. Maybe this week will appear to have a huge drop because of that. We spent $225.93 on food this week. That seems kind of high, but we celebrated a birthday, (not one of ours, but we supplied the meal), and had in incident with pepper.

About the pepper. We’re trying to reduce the amount of packaging we throw out so have been trying to buy from bulk stores and reuse the bags. However, around here a bulk store often means a health food store, which means organic food. We were out of pepper so bought some more, in bulk, therefore organic, and I kind of put more than I needed in the bag, (something I realized after we got home). The pepper cost $17. Joanie says that it had better be magical pepper at that price, and I kind of agree. We have already identified another bulk store where we can buy non-organic pepper for 1/3 of the price.

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