Pistachios are really good, except…

The other day I tweeted “Just hit my gross threshold for the day.” So, what happened? Here’s the answer.

I was eating pistachios. They’re a good, healthy, snack. In fact, Dr. Oz says they’re his top high-fiber pick. All was going well until I went to put this nut into my mouth:

A photo of bug larva in my pistachio

Good think I looked at this nut after it came out of the shell!

That’s right, there’s some sort of young bug that has made a home in my pistachio. I am an adventurous eater, but roasted salted unknown bug larvae are not my idea of a good meal! It’s a good thing that I was opening these nuts before they went into my mouth, and a good thing that I saw this. The other side of the nut looked normal. Gross!

Here are a couple more pictures:
Another view of the bug in my pistachio
A third view of the bug.

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