A photo of my bread fresh from the oven.

Looks good for the first time!

For the past three months I’ve been either going without bread when I wanted it, or eating bread made with refined grains, (white bread, or pretty close to it), that I bought from a store. It’s very difficult to buy real whole-grain bread at the supermarket. It’s almost possible, but I can’t say for certain that it’s truly possible.

Today, that ends. I made bread. This isn’t the first time I’ve made bread in my life, but making bread has always been a lot of work. All of the kneading, rising, mixing, more kneading, and so on. In Food Matters, Mark has a recipe for a “Almost No-Work Whole Grain Bread,” (page 156), and I had read the recipe when I initially read the book, and thought that I should try it, but I didn’t. Then the other day Lifehacker had a post about really easy bread that reminded me of the recipe in the book, and I decided that it was time to make bread, and I made bread.

I made the basic whole grain recipe from Food Matters. It is the first time that I have made a no-knead bread, and it turned out pretty well, and is really quite easy to make. My loaf may be slightly undercooked, but it’s more than eatable, and is made with 100% whole grain flour and only has 4 ingredients, (flour, water, salt, and yeast), plus some oil to grease the pan. This is simple eating at its best, and I’m sure my loaves will improve with time.

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