Week Four Roundup

Four weeks in and I’m down to 40 3/4 inches. This brings the total loss to 1.58 inches in a month, not too shabby.

How’s it going on the budget side? We’ll, we’re not too sure that we’re actually saving money. This past week we spent $142.37 on groceries, which seems high. We’re thinking that because we used to have budget eating habits eating like food matters hasn’t reduced our spending much, if at all. It may actually have increased our food cost slightly. Before we started on this adventure, we rarely paid more than two dollars per pound for meat, often paid much less, sometimes down to 79 cents per pound. So, if I have a bunch of meat at $1.50 per pound, and meat doesn’t shrink that much when I cook it, I’ll end up with more food per dollar than if I get a bunch of broccoli at two dollars per pound, and it shrinks when I cook it.

Perhaps the answer is that we’re not eating enough grains, after all, we have been more concentrated on vegetables, (you should see the soup we made last night – it’s purple, we went a little overboard on the red cabbage). Perhaps the answer is that we need to eat more legumes, they’re often pretty cheap, especially dried.

In the end, however, it doesn’t matter too much, we’re not spending much more than we did before, if we’re spending more at all, and we’re healthier, or at least we feel healthier.

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