The Official String and Measuring Tape

In the very first post here I mentioned that I had a measured waistline of 42.3 inches. I will post my waist measurement at least once per week and that will be the guage that we use to measure my weight loss. Since I can’t find a measuring tape that is flexible, I have designated an official string, (to wrap around my waist), and measuring tape, (to measure how much of the string it takes to go around me), that I will use to take these measurements. Here they are:

A photo of my measuring string.

The official string

A photo of my measuring tape

The Official Measuring Tape

Yes, the photos are bad. My camera was stolen a few months ago and I haven’t had a chance to get a new one, so until I do, we’re using the camera built into my laptop, which is less than ideal, but at least takes pictures.

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