Too Much Pre-Prepared Food

It seems that we have taken the pre-preparation of food a bit too far this week. We made a huge pot of chili, (mostly vegetarian, with just a bit of chopped-up steak in there for flavour), and some Bacon-Potato soup, (inspired by soup of the same name at Tim Hortons – I’m still perfecting the recipe), on Sunday, and still have TONS of both. Since we’re getting tired of eating chili, bacon-potato soup, and a rice/Chicken Not Pie mash left over from last week, I’m thinking that I should put some stuff in the freezer and forget about it for a week or two. I’ll probably do that tomorrow.

On another interesting note, Joanie was watching Dr. Oz today and they had some firemen on with a health-fireman recommending that they eliminate meat, dairy, and processed foods. Sound familiar? They had a really tasty looking Sweet Potato & Vegetable Lasagna that I’m excited to try. Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved lasagna, but since I discovered that my dairy allergy I have very rarely had it. This lasagna has no dairy at all in it, and apparently tastes good!

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